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Any injury resulting from someone else's wrongdoing can be difficult, but cases involving the intentional abuse of a child or other vulnerable person are excruciating. Mental, physical and sexual abuse can leave scars that take a lifetime to heal. Too often, the people responsible for those wounds go unpunished, leaving victims to cope with the damage on their own.

Only an attorney with extensive experience and a deep well of compassion can effectively handle cases arising from abuse. Richard E. Lewis is that attorney. He has an extensive track record of litigating on behalf of abuse victims and holding perpetrators responsible for their actions.

We represent victims in Spokane and throughout eastern Washington, including cases involving abuse in:

If you have been the target of sexual, physical or mental abuse, remember that you do not have to be ashamed. What happened to you wasn't your fault. Whether you were abused or are the parent or guardian of a child who was abused, you need experienced legal counsel. Financial compensation for your injuries can help you obtain professional counseling and other resources to cope with the effects of abuse.

At Richard E. Lewis, P.S., we understand the critical importance of discretion in handling cases involving abuse. All communications with our firm, beginning with the initial consultation, are strictly confidential. We'll listen to your story and work with medical, psychiatric and other experts to help establish the extent of your trauma. Attorney Lewis will stand by you from start to finish and pursue compensation for all of your past, present and future costs.

Legal issues associated with abuse cases

Abuse cases often mean pursuing damages from an institution that bears responsibility for the abuse in addition to the individual perpetrator. Those institutions may be reluctant to produce documents, and they'll have their own attorneys on their side. Richard Lewis will take legal action against those institutions, always with the full consent of the client.

In Washington, the statute of limitations for claims based on child abuse is three years, starting from the date of the abuse or the date the victim discovered injuries arising from the abuse. This statute is tolled - that is, it does not begin to expire - until the child's eighteenth birthday. Even so, it's important to come forward as soon as you are able to do so. A delay might affect your legal right to compensation or your ability to build a strong case.

If you've been hurt by mental, physical or sexual abuse, you don't have to cope alone. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation with an experienced abuse attorney.

Daycares and Nurseries

Staff at daycares, nurseries and other childcare settings are entrusted with our children's safety. Unfortunately, sometimes those same people actually create an unsafe environment for children. Legal cases involving abuse in a daycare setting focus not only on the abuser, but also on the hiring practices and background checks conducted by the agency that runs the facility. Often, a single abuse case is a symptom of a deeper problem with the company, and we will find the people responsible and hold them accountable.

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Medical Facilities

Medical professionals are entrusted with the care of some very vulnerable people, including children, the elderly and people with disabilities. Abuse can happen in hospitals, physician's offices, nursing homes and other medical facilities. When someone whose job is to heal ends up deliberately inflicting harm, the trauma of such abuse can leave deep scars. We'll stand up to the hospital or other medical facility in court and fight for financial compensation to provide the resources you need.

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Religious Institutions

In recent years, much attention has been given to cases of sexual abuse in religious institutions such as the Catholic Church. While the vast majority of clergy are undoubtedly kind, caring and responsible people, the bureaucracy of many religious institutions creates opportunities for abuse to fester. At Richard E. Lewis, P.S., we are familiar with the laws and regulations governing religious institutions and know how to work through that bureaucracy to find the people responsible. We'll listen to your story and work hard to get the compensation you need.

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Schools and Colleges

Educational institutions are responsible for young people who may be vulnerable to manipulation and abuse, and a select few people within those institutions take advantage of their vulnerability. Because of the bureaucracy in place in school districts and universities, it can be difficult for victims to pursue justice. Attorney Richard E. Lewis has the experience and resources needed to handle these complex cases. Our legal team will face the educational institution in court and fight for financial compensation.

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