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Fatal Auto Accidents

A lawyer who has your family's best interests at heart

No one expects to have to say goodbye to a loved one after a car accident. While a death in the family is never easy, accidental deaths can be especially overwhelming because they happen so suddenly. You're left to pick up the pieces, rebuild your life and take care of your family in the wake of a tragedy.

At such an overwhelming time, having an experienced and compassionate legal advocate on your side can make a meaningful difference. Richard E. Lewis, P.S. has worked with many grieving families throughout Eastern Washington. If you've lost a loved one in an accident, Richard can help.

Understanding your family's legal rights

Unfortunately, the pain doesn't just stop after a fatal accident. You're left to take care of burial arrangements and rebuild your life without the help and support that your loved one provided. And you'll have to deal with the insurance company, one way or another. Attorney Richard Lewis can take care of your legal needs while you focus on taking care of your family.

In many cases, an important step forward is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. In Washington, the personal representative of the deceased person's estate and his or her surviving spouse or children can file a wrongful death lawsuit. If there is no surviving spouse or children, then the parents or siblings of the deceased person can also file a claim. This is distinct from any criminal charges the State of Washington may file in connection with the death.

Recovering money in a wrongful death lawsuit won't bring your loved one back. However, by seeking compensation for the income, support and services provided by your loved one, we can help you and your family members maintain the same quality of life. In addition, holding the negligent motorist responsible can help you get the closure you need to move on.

A compassionate attorney can make a real difference

When you're dealing with an unthinkable loss, we're here to advocate for you and help you rebuild. Don't try to handle the aftermath of a fatal crash alone. Contact us online or call 866-465-9098 for your free consultation with Richard Lewis.

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