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Injured In A Pedestrian Accident?

You need a compassionate attorney to help you get back up

While car accidents can be devastating to people inside a vehicle, they can be even more traumatic when they involve pedestrians. Even at low speeds, a car hitting a pedestrian's unprotected body can cause severe injuries – and those injuries can have lifelong consequences. On the busy streets of Spokane, these accidents are sadly common.

Unfortunately, injuries to children are a common result of pedestrian accidents. Children tend to be less predictable than adults and may dart out into the road. Motorists have a responsibility to slow down and be alert when driving near schools, playgrounds and other areas where children may be present. When they do not meet that responsibility, devastating injuries are possible.

People struck by vehicles should always consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. These cases can be complex. The driver and his or her insurance company may blame you for being at fault. We can help set the record straight.

While the accident can happen in any number of ways, the following are a few common scenarios. If your accident was like any of these, call us immediately to find out about your rights:

  • Struck by a car that was turning at an intersection.
  • Hit by a vehicle while walking in a crosswalk.
  • Run down while jogging or walking along with traffic on the side of a road.
  • Injured while walking in a parking lot.
  • Knocked over by a car that was backing up.

Without question, there are many other ways people can get injured while on foot. If you are wondering if you have case, give us a call. You shouldn't have to pay for the costs arising from your injury. You need to hold the motorist who hit you accountable. Richard E. Lewis, P.S. can help.

Insurance companies aren't on your side. We'll stand by you.

Because you were on foot when your accident happened, you'll likely be dealing with an insurance company representing the motorist who hit you. They're interested in reducing their own costs and protecting their client, which means they're not on your side. They may try to argue that you're responsible for your own injuries or that they were suffered due to a pre-existing condition, not the accident itself.

With attorney Richard E. Lewis on your side, you don't have to settle for whatever that insurer is willing to offer. You'll have someone who can go up against the adjusters and attorneys representing the insurance company. Richard has been representing injured people in Spokane and throughout eastern Washington for decades. The insurance companies know who he is – a committed, experienced advocate with a well-established track record of success, and one who is always ready to go to trial.

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