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Rear-End Accidents In Spokane

A lawyer who helps victims take control

When we think of rear-end car accidents, we usually think of minor fender-benders, and some of them certainly are. But serious injuries can happen at any speed and under any circumstances. Rear-end accidents often lead to whiplash, brain injuries and other life-altering injuries.

What's tough about a rear-end collision is the loss of control: You couldn't do anything to stop the car behind you from hitting you, and it may feel like you can't do anything about your insurance claim, either. With Richard E. Lewis, P.S. on your side, you can take charge of what happens next. Our Spokane law firm handles cases throughout Washington.

Rear-end accidents can lead to surprisingly complex legal cases

In theory, you might expect a rear-end collision to be a straightforward case. After all, the driver who hit you is automatically at fault, so there's nothing to contest. All you have to do is ask the insurance company for compensation and you should be all set.

But if you've actually been in a rear-end accident, you know that that's not the reality. Even if fault isn't disputed, the insurance company will contest the extent of your damages, especially if it was a low-speed crash. They may bring in witnesses and "experts" to testify that you couldn't have possibly sustained a significant injury.

With an attorney on your side, you can fight for the compensation you deserve

Attorney Richard E. Lewis has heard all of these arguments before. He's been fighting for the injured in Spokane and throughout Eastern Washington for over 30 years, and he knows how to win. Richard will listen to your story and understand the full impact that the accident has had on your life, and he'll negotiate with the insurance company for the full compensation you need. If the insurance company won't back down, he won't hesitate to take them to trial.

Take charge of what happens next after a rear-end collision. Talk to a car accident attorney who can take the fear out of the situation. Contact us online or call 866-465-9098 for your free consultation with Richard Lewis.

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