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Left Turn and Intersection Accidents

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Despite what many people and insurance companies would have us believe, most motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers. In particular, many crashes happen at intersections when a motorist fails to yield to an oncoming motorcycle. These are serious accidents, and they demand serious representation.

Richard E. Lewis, P.S. has the experience and resources needed to help you recover after a serious motorcycle accident caused by a motorist's negligence. If you've been hurt, Richard can fight for you.

We know how to build strong, winning cases

After a motorcycle crash at an intersection, you're not only dealing with your recovery, but also with a strong inherent bias against motorcyclists. Even though the reality is that most bikers are safe, responsible operators, many people have a persistent image of bikers as irresponsible thrill-seekers – and the insurance companies will use that bias as leverage against you.

The way to cut through that bias is to build an airtight case using all available evidence. When you retain Richard Lewis to represent you, he will carefully investigate and find the truth of what happened. Richard and his team will review:

  • Accident reports
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Camera footage if available
  • Physical evidence from the crash scene

Sometimes, drivers claim that they just didn't see the motorcyclist. That's no excuse. Whether the driver who hit you was fatigued, distracted, drunk or just inattentive, we'll go to work to get the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

Trust a motorcycle accident attorney to go to work for you

Injured motorcyclists have legal rights. Richard Lewis has the experience and resources to protect them. If you've been injured in an intersection accident in Spokane or anywhere in Washington, trust Richard to advocate for you. Contact us online or call 866-465-9098 today.

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