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Was Your Child Injured In An Accident?

Attorney Lewis serves Spokane-area families with commitment and compassion

There's no worse nightmare for a family than a serious injury to a child. Accidents involving children can have lifelong consequences, especially when they lead to injuries requiring surgery or amputation. Besides the physical damage, there is emotional trauma associated with these accidents that might require counseling for a long time.

Legal cases involving injuries to children can be especially complex and emotionally trying. That's why you need a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience and the right approach to handle these cases. That's why you need Richard E. Lewis, P.S.

Attorney Richard E. Lewis has been advocating for children and their families in Spokane and throughout eastern Washington for over 30 years. He has been appointed by judges in the Spokane County Superior Court and the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Washington as a settlement guardian ad litem to advise the court on proposed settlements of children's cases.

Our law firm handles cases including all of the following:

When we represent an injured child or a family that has tragically lost a child in an accident, we carefully investigate the circumstances of the accident to help build a strong legal case. We'll listen to your story with care and compassion. Attorney Lewis has longstanding relationships with healthcare professionals and other experts who can identify the long-term effects of an injury to your child, and we'll pursue the compensation you need to pay for treatments and therapies for those effects.

While no lawsuit can undo an accident, our efforts have provided peace of mind for many families over the years. We've recovered thousands or millions of dollars on behalf of children who have suffered brain injuries or tragically died in recreational accidents.

If your family is dealing with the aftermath of an accident, we'd be honored to listen to your story. Contact us today. Call 866-465-9098 to schedule your free consultation.

Playground Accidents

While not every minor injury on a playground or other play area can be prevented, the people responsible for the playground owe a duty of care to the children playing there. Sometimes, improperly maintained or defective playground equipment, such as an improperly secured swing or a poorly maintained staircase, can lead to falls and broken bones. In other cases, inadequate supervision is to blame.

At Richard E. Lewis, P.S., we've handled many cases involving playground accidents. Whether your child's injury was the responsibility of a school, a municipal government or a private organization, we'll help you hold them accountable.

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Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools are a great source of enjoyment for both children and adults, but without proper supervision, they can be dangerous. Accidents in and around swimming pools may be the result of inadequate signage or poor maintenance of the pool itself. Others may be the fault of a negligent lifeguard - or a negligent owner who hired an untrained or otherwise unqualified lifeguard in the first place.

If your child was injured in a swimming pool, you need an experienced and compassionate advocate on your side. Give us a call today. We'll help you stand up to the people responsible and help your family move forward.

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Defective Toys

Toys and other children's products are supposed to go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they are safe before they end up in children's hands. Unfortunately, many manufacturers prioritize profit over safety, and they push products through that process with inadequate testing. Design defects and inadequate documentation can lead to accidents causing serious injuries.

Accidents involving defective toys generally fall under the legal doctrine of product liability - the notion that a company is responsible for the products it produces or distributes. These cases can be quite complex and difficult to litigate because the toy companies have significant resources on their side. That's why you need an attorney with over 30 years' experience advocating for injured children. Contact Richard E. Lewis.

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School Supervision and Neglect

Schools hold a special responsibility to keep the children in their care safe. Unfortunately, inadequate supervision is a serious problem in many schools in our area. Sometimes, poor supervision causes accidents to happen on school grounds. In other cases, the school is responsible for hiring people who are inadequately trained to care for children - or who actively harm children themselves. Still other cases involve inadequate maintenance of school grounds, leading to falls and other accidents.

We've helped many children injured in accidents on school property by demonstrating that the school in question failed to follow the safety standards exercised by other, similar districts. In addition to providing compensation for those victims, we've forced school districts to change their policies and ensure that similar accidents were not repeated.

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Burns and Scalding Injuries

Children are very vulnerable to burn injuries because they may not know how to be safe around potentially dangerous objects. For instance, a child may not recognize the steam coming off hot water as an indication that it shouldn't be touched. That's why proper adult supervision is so important. When children are left to their own devices in potentially dangerous areas, serious accidents can ensue.

A burn or scalding injury may require significant long-term treatment, including skin grafts or other reconstructive surgery. In addition to causing severe pain, burns can be emotionally traumatic for children. The need for compensation in such cases can be substantial. Call Richard E. Lewis today to get the help your child needs.

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