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Fractures and Broken Bones After a Spokane Car Accident

Spokane car accident attorneyWhen it comes to head-on collisionsT-bone accidents, and car accidents involving pedestrians, survivors can face serious injuries such as bone breaks and fractures.  

Many people who haven’t previously experienced a break or fracture are unfamiliar with what to expect. We have all the details below so Eastern Washington drivers know what to expect if they ever find themselves injured after a crash. 

Break vs Fracture

Many people think a bone fracture is a less severe break. The truth is both words mean the same thing. Fractures are categorized by different factors such as:  

How many places on the bone that it is broken 

  • Simple fractures: one place 
  • Comminuted fractures: 3 or more places 

If the bone is exposed 

  • Closed fractures: the skin isn’t punctured 
  • Open/compound fractures: the bone has pierced through the skin 

Alignment of the broken bone pieces 

  • Undisplaced/stable fractures: aligned 
  • Displaced fractures: unaligned 

Where the break appears 

  • Oblique fractures: across the long axis 
  • Transverse fractures: at a right angle to the long axis 
  • Greenstick fractures: on one side of the bone causing the other side to bend

How breaks are treated

If you think your bone is fractured after an accident, you should immediately seek medical care to alleviate pain and stabilize the bone. Your body will begin to immediately heal itself, but a doctor will need to put the pieces of the bone back in place to ensure it heals correctly. To do this, a doctor could use one of these methods: 

  • Casting: A fiberglass or plaster cast can be used to keep the broken bone in place while it heals. 
  • Traction: For unaligned broken bones, this system applies a steady and gentle pulling action so the bone is aligned while it heals. 
  • External fixation: This method temporarily uses pins or wires that are connected to a ring or bar that is out of the body. The pins or wires are put into the bone and removed after the break has healed.  
  • Internal fixation: This method is for serious breaks and requires surgery to insert metal rods, wires or screws into the bone fragments. 

Long road to recovery

Ideally, a fracture will heal in four to six weeks, but depending on the severity, it can take several months. Once the break is healed, it often takes a long time until things are back to normal. A newly healed bone will be very weak and stiff from lack of use. It can take months of rehabilitation and physical therapy before you can use that body part the same way you did before a car accident. 

Don’t let a fracture break your spirit 

A fracture from a car accident can turn your world upside down. Often, there’s pain, long recovery times and complicated treatment can include surgery. It can be months before you return to your normal life. If you are unable to work, this is simply unacceptable. Additionally, the physical therapy and rehab necessary for your recover might not even be covered by insurance. 

If someone’s reckless driving caused your broken bone, don’t take it lying down. Call Attorney Richard E. Lewis. Our law office is experienced in getting justice for Spokane car accident victims. We know how severe these accidents are and how long the road to recovery can be. Let us deal with the insurance companies while you focus on getting better. Call us or fill out a consultation form for a free case evaluation. 

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