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Workplace Stress a Contributing Factor to Distracted Driving

Spokane auto accident attorneyIt’s no secret that distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the US. While there have been many campaigns against common distracted driving practices such as texting while driving, this continues to be a problem. One contributing factor to distracted driving is workplace stress.

Roughly one half of adults 18 to 44, and one third of adults 45 to 64, say that they answer or make work-related calls while driving. Despite knowing the risks, many adults feel pressure to respond to their employers as soon as possible, even if that means texting or calling while operating a vehicle.

Even though they understand the inherent risk, too many adults worry that their employers might think they don’t take their jobs seriously enough if communications go unanswered during a commute.

Joan Woodward, the president of the Travelers Institute, is calling on employers to take a more active role in preventing distracted driving. “We have an interest in making sure that employers are talking to employees about risk of distracted driving and making sure they know it’s OK to make sure you wait until you’re done driving to deal with that email or that work issue,” said Woodward.

The Travelers Institute has launched a program that they hope will encourage employers to create and promote a distracted driving policy at work, and wants employers to lead by example. Their hope is that if employees know that their employers don’t text and drive, they won’t feel the need to do so either.

Safety should always come first

If employees know that their employers' priorities center less on instant communications and more on their employees arriving to work without an accident, that would greatly decrease the pressure on employees to text or call while driving. Though it is up to each of us to adhere to safe driving practices when we are on the road, regardless of what else is going on in our lives, without the added pressure from employers, we can all focus on what is most important: getting to and from work safely.

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