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Testimonials: Real Clients Share Real Stories about Attorney Lewis

What people say about someone else matters. That's especially true when it comes to hiring a lawyer to represent you after an accident. You want someone you can trust, someone who has a well-earned reputation for making things right. In the Spokane area, injury victims and their families regularly rely on Richard E. Lewis to help them get the justice they deserve.

So what do people think of attorney Lewis? Here's what a few of his clients have to say about how he helped them:

Simply the Best

The day I met Richard I was surrounded by a team of friends who were there to help me navigate finding the best attorney to represent my dire situation. It was overwhelming, my daughter had just been killed by a drunk driver and I had no idea where to even start, I only knew it was imperative to find the best to represent my girl. I made it clear that we needed to interview no less than 5 attorneys. Richard was the first. When I walked out of his office that day, I was confident that no other interview was necessary. Richard is not only a great attorney who will fight for you and your case, he is also an incredible human. He never made promises he couldn't keep, he was very clear about possible disappointments and outcomes, carefully weighing unfortunate circumstances we were up against in an effort to do the best thing for me. When I made the difficult decisions facing me, he gave everything to fight the fight that I needed fought. Even when I made decisions that weren't going to be for the best financial gain, he supported my decision and did a better job than I can ever convey. His dedication and the time he spent fighting for justice for my daughter went far beyond any reasonable expectation I could have had. By the time we finally had our "day" (2 weeks) in court, I didn't think it was possible to appreciate Richard any more than I already did. I was wrong. He is a phenom in the courtroom. While most attorneys are not as elegant and sharp as what you see on-screen, I would say that Richard is an exception to that reality. I spent over a month in 2 separate trials last year and watched over 10 different attorneys plead their arguments in the courtroom. Out of all of them, I am pleased to say, mine is the best by a landslide. Thank you again, Richard. I am forever indebted to you.

- Anonymous

My verdict: Someone you want on your side.

I was the victim in a car accident in 2010, when another driver ran through a stop sign and caused damage to my car and to myself. I hired Rich Lewis to help navigate through the insurance system. I found him to be attentive to detail, an expert at dealing with insurance and provider issues as they arose, and skilled at determining the best strategy to pursue along the way. My verdict- He is someone you want on your side if you are in an accident!

- Lauren

Honest, knowledgeable and tenacious!

My husband and 3 boys were in a terrible car wreck on Father's Day. We thought we could handle the claims adjusters and insurance company without help. Barely a week into it we realized there was too much involved and trying to sort out our mess of a claim was way too stressful. It was then we decided to begin shopping for an attorney.

I researched several local attorneys and after our meeting with Richard Lewis we knew he was our first choice... no questions asked. Instantly we knew we were in good hands and he had our best interest at heart. What struck me the most about Richard was that he is not your typical greedy, ambulance-chasing lawyer. He carefully chooses his clients... only accepting them when he knows he can get the best results. We were thrilled about the outcome of our case.

I can guarantee you'll get better results by having an experienced attorney in your corner.... plus you'll have zero stress when it comes to insurance and getting your medical bills paid.

The best advice I can give anyone involved in an accident is to choose to have someone fight for you. Choose Richard Lewis.

- Becca

I highly recommend Richard Lewis for injury cases

I came to Richard Lewis when I slipped and fell in a local grocery store. When I realized that the other party was stating to me that they wanted to settle. I contacted Richard Lewis to make sure that I wouldn't be bullied into settling too soon before my treatment begun. I am glad I did. Richard and his staff were highly professional and were also responsive to questions in an appropriate amount of time. He professionally handled the other party, and not once in the process did I feel that Richard and his staff weren't in my corner.

In the end we were able to reach a settlement that was satisfactory. I highly recommend Richard Lewis and his associates for injury cases.

- Charise

Richard Lewis is an excellent attorney!

Following a severe MVA in December 2009, my husband was unconscious and I had to act alone to decide how to proceed. Thank God I found Richard Lewis. He was there in person, on the phone, or email whenever things felt tough. He was always personable and knowledgeable. He really made a very bad situation resolve better than it would have without his expertise.

- Marcy and Richard

Car accident/personal injury case

I never thought I would have to use legal services and was very scared but Richard Lewis was an amazing, attentive lawyer for me in my time of need. I cannot thank him enough for helping me negotiate my case with Safeco Insurance.

I was in a car accident in July 2013. There was not fault on my side, other car came out of NorthTown Mall and hit us in the side while we were on Queen St. I've never been in an accident, let alone have to deal with massive medical bills. Insurance fought that the accident didn't cause my spinal injury or the ongoing condition. I was scared, in a lot of pain, in wheelchair, without medical insurance.

Richard took my case and worked diligently to get all my medical records and kept me up-to-date. After all the medical had been taken care of (I had to use Medicaid) and I was in the process of healing (6+ months later), we started meeting and organizing the information. Lots of back and forth and finally mediation, where Richard and the mediator Frank fought very hard for me. I felt comfortable with his guidance and direction and I'm very happy with the end result.

I'm a year and couple months out from my accident and a year out from my spinal surgery, Richard helped work to give me a security while I could recover proper. I don't wish of others to be in a similar situation as mine but if you are, I will recommend Richard Lewis. He will fight for you and keep you in the loop, he works for you. Thank you.

- Heather

Client review

Mr. Lewis worked with me after an auto accident where I ended up with a partial amputation of my foot. He was sensitive to my needs and used creative problem-solving to complete negotiations and resolve this case in a way that was satisfying to me. During his work with me, I found Richard to be pleasant to talk to, and he helped make the legal process more understandable. I am grateful for his patience and unhurried communication style. I never felt he was pressed for time when talking to me and he answered questions thoroughly. I would highly recommend Mr. Lewis because of his integrity, honesty and willingness to work for what was best for me within the constraints of the legal options. His knowledge of the case was impressive as was his willingness to research alternative avenues. And lastly, but most importantly, Richard's kindness and gentle manner were and are greatly appreciated. In essence, he rocks!!!

- Car accident client

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