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Lane Departure Warning Systems are Proving Beneficial

The latest in a series of studies conducted by Jessica Cicchino, Vice President of Research at the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, examined the benefits of lane departure warning systems. These systems will quickly alert the driver if their vehicle should cross over the line dividing lanes, thereby helping to avoid an accident. Like many other safety features, creators of this technology claim that it will help prevent car accidents. In a car without a lane departure system, if a driver strays into the path of oncoming traffic, they could collide with a car travelling in the opposite direction before they even realize their car had drifted from their own lane.

Car Accident Lawyer SpokaneThe results of this study back up the claims that these systems are effective at reducing the number of auto accidents. Research shows that when used correctly, lane departure warning systems can decrease these types of accidents by as much as 21%.

Among the other safety features Cicchino researched, blind spot detection systems have also proven to help decrease the rate of auto accidents. "Blind spot detection systems work by providing additional information to the driver," said Cicchino. "It's still up to the driver to pay attention to that information and use it to make decisions." As with the lane departure system, blind spot detection systems only work if drivers are aware of their surroundings.

Drivers must still be held accountable

Drivers should keep in mind that lane departure warning systems, much like all of the other safety features available on cars today, can become faulty or disabled. If a driver relies too heavily on these types of technological features, they might not be able to recognize or react to dangerous situations as quickly as they might have otherwise.

Regardless of the functionality of built-in safety features, it is up to drivers everywhere to ensure that they are being safe on the road. In order to prevent car accidents, always make sure to be aware of your surroundings, keep your eyes on the road, regularly check your blind spots, and minimize any and all distractions while driving.

All of the safety measures and features in the world can't prevent every traffic accident. If you or someone you love has been injured, contact Richard E. Lewis. A qualified, experienced car accident attorney can help protect your rights.

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