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Embark Is Making Great Strides Toward Autonomous Driving

Self-driving trucks are no longer a dream for the future. An Embark truck recently completed a 650-mile trip from El Paso, Texas, to Ontario, California in October of last year. Though it is hardly the first of its kind, this voyage marks the “longest commercial use of self-driving trucking technology to date.”  The Embark truck...

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Firm Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Spokane personal injury lawyer Richard Lewis law firm marks 5th anniversary For nearly 40 years, Spokane attorney Richard Lewis has been an active member of the city's legal community, proudly serving the needs of residents in Spokane and throughout eastern Washington. And for the past five years, attorney Lewis has been serving the community through...

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Drunk Driving Fatalities Spike During the Holidays

Rates of DUIs spike during the holiday season The holiday season is once again upon us. It is a time for families to gather together from near and far - drawn by good food and warm company. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, there are so many wonderful things to look forward to. However, with...

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Electronic Logging Devices Could Decrease Accident Rates

Electronic Logging Devices could prevent accidents It is no secret that the trucking industry is often a very difficult industry in which to work. Truckers are often pushed beyond their limits. They drive long hours without adequate rest breaks in an effort to meet nearly impossible deadlines. Driver shortages and high turnover rates mean that...

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Have Rate of Traffic Accidents Increased After Marijuana Legalization?

How has marijuana legalization impacted Washington drivers? Marijuana became a legal substance in our state three years ago. Since then, the American Public Health Association, as well as many other organizations have been monitoring traffic statistics for any change in the rate of traffic accidents due to an increased legal usage of the drug. Gathering...

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Lane Departure Warning Systems are Proving Beneficial

The latest in a series of studies conducted by Jessica Cicchino, Vice President of Research at the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, examined the benefits of lane departure warning systems. These systems will quickly alert the driver if their vehicle should cross over the line dividing lanes, thereby helping to avoid an accident. Like many...

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